Qtis Nasal Spray Anti-epidemic Shield 30ml
Qtis Nasal Spray Anti-epidemic Shield 30ml
Qtis Nasal Spray Anti-epidemic Shield 30ml
Qtis Nasal Spray Anti-epidemic Shield 30ml
Qtis Nasal Spray Anti-epidemic Shield 30ml
Qtis Nasal Spray Anti-epidemic Shield 30ml


Qtis Nasal Spray Anti-epidemic Shield 30ml


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Qtis nasal spray anti-epidemic shield is a long-acting antibacterial spray developed by Qtis Biotech. It uses professional medical grade antibacterial materials, which have effect of sterilizing and disinfecting the skin and mucous membranes. Qtis nasal spray anti-epidemic shield has a long-term effect of killing, isolating germs and avoiding infection. It has physical antibacterial and anti-drug resistance. This product has a bactericidal effect of up to 99.9% against common fungi such as Escherichia coli, pyogenic cocci, Candida albicans, Listeria, and common Staphylococcus aureus. It can also kill up to 99.9% of viruses with envelope structures such as coronaviruses.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Quaternary Ammonium

PRODUCT BACKGROUND: Quaternary ammonium disinfectants began mass production and application in the 1960s. It can kill most bacterial propagules, molds and viruses. It has been used for decades. The ingredients are mild and non-irritating. It has high security. It is suitable for disinfection in hospitals, schools, homes, etc. Especially suitable for long-term frequent use of the current epidemic. Quaternary ammonium disinfectants are suitable for the disinfection of the environment and surfaces (including fibers and fabrics), as well as for the disinfection of food processing equipment and utensils. It is often used for preoperative disinfection of skin and mucous membranes and surgical disinfection of hands. It is also suitable for disinfection of skin (including small wounds) and mucous membranes.

GENERALLY EFFECTIVE FOR: Escherichia coli, pyogenic cocci, Candida albicans, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus.

SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Used for antibacterial disinfection of nasal cavity, oral cavity, skin and mucous membranes.

USAGE INTRUCTION: Point the nozzle of the Qtis nasal spray anti-epidemic shield at the nasal cavity and throat, and gently squeeze the nozzle to make the spray evenly spray into the nasal cavity and throat. Use it every 2 - 4 hours for best protection.

PRODUCT PRINCIPLE: Qtis nasal spray anti-epidemic shield is positively charged and can be adsorbed on the surface of negatively charged microorganisms to form micelles, and gradually penetrate into the lipid layer and protein layer of the cytoplasm. This ability can change the permeability of cell membranes, allowing cell contents to penetrate outside, and ultimately lead to the death of microorganisms. The shield formed by the polymer in the unique formula of Qtis products can tightly wrap microorganisms, thereby inhibiting their reproduction and division and other reproductive behaviours, so it has efficient disinfection and antibacterial effects. Qtis products use the principle of physical disinfection for sterilization, so there will be no drug resistance, while traditional disinfectants use chemical principles to poison bacteria. If never eliminate all bacteria at once, it is easy to develop resistance. If this problem occurs more frequently, it is easy to produce super bacteria. In addition, more than 500 clinical
literatures have been published on the patented technology of the antimicrobial physical method of this type of product.

DISINFECTION AGAINST COVID-19: Coronavirus does not have a cell membrane, but like most viruses, it has an envelope structure that covers the outside of the nucleocapsid. If the disinfectant can change the permeability of the virus envelope, it can easily kill the virus. Therefore, Qtis nasal spray anti-epidemic shield have a good killing effect against covid-19 and other enveloped viruses.

DISINFECTION ADVANTAGES: Most of the current traditional disinfectants are chlorine-containingļ¼Œperacetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, formalin, mercury, alkalis, acids, etc., these traditional disinfectants generally require a higher effective concentration to achieve the disinfection effect, and most of them have a pungent odour, which is disinfected items are corrosive and even produce toxic substances that endanger human health. Moreover, traditional disinfectants are not easily degraded, the manufacturing process is complicated, and they are not easy to store and transport. Inflow into water systems and soil will cause secondary environmental pollution.

Qtis nasal spray anti-epidemic shield are new environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic and efficient disinfection products. The sterilization process is rapid and does not produce any harmful substances. The biggest advantage is that its sterilization mechanism does not depend on the shape and type of microorganisms. Therefore, it is very suitable for daily disinfection of the current novel coronavirus. Regardless of the living environment, human skin, and nasal cavity disinfection, even if it is microbial variation and mutation, it will not affect the effectiveness of Qtis disinfectant at all, does not produce drug resistance, and can be used safely for a long time. In addition, unique ingredients are added to the formula of the product, which not only makes the disinfectant of the entire formula have a stronger bactericidal effect, but also makes the disinfectant have good moisturizing and skin care effects. It is a non-toxic food grade product that can be used by mothers and babies. This product is suitable for the repair and prevention of oral mucositis and oral ulcers. It has the functions of preventing and soothing, reducing swelling and pain, and repairing ulcers.

PRODUCT TYPE: We have developed a disinfection, sterilization and repair spray suitable for the current epidemic through specific technical methods and a unique combination of proportions, which can kill 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms within 30 seconds. All raw materials have passed oral toxicity and skin irritation tests. The skin irritation index is less than 0.5, which proves that it is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive to metals, non-bleaching, and has a wide range of sterilization. It is more at ease to use.

Qtis nasal spray anti-epidemic shield is non-irritating, safe and non-toxic, and has a long-lasting sterilization function. It is very suitable for daily use of antibacterial and antiviral during the epidemic. Our raw materials contain biological shield repair ingredients, which are equivalent to ''invisible'' masks, which can also reduce redness and inflammation, prevent ulceration, and promote wound healing. It is an excellent product that can be widely promoted for gatherings and prevent the spread of germs by droplets during the current epidemic.

STORAGE: Store in a cool and dry environment.

In addition to improving and treating Covid-19 patients, our team has also developed an Qtis invisible antiviral shield that can be sprayed on any surface.

Qtis uses biological materials that are harmless to the human body, so it can also be sprayed directly on human skin, wounds, and even mouth or nasal cavity. In addition to sterilization and anti-toxicity, it can also form a protective shield invisible to the naked eye.

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