Our Mission
Our mission is to provide premium grade Malaysian-made products with the highest level of first-class and professional service at an affordable price.
Our commitment is to assist, save, and improve human life which will divert us back to normal life free of Covid Endemics.
Qtis Biotech -
Transforming And Saving Lives
Qtis Biotech is a 100% Malaysian-owned company with an experienced and skilled staff that has developed highly effective and safe products to protect you and your family from any virus emergence.
Our biotechnology and chemical have been well developed and widely used in top medical centers and hospitals throughout the world for an extensive period.
Our lab specialists carry out research and develop cutting edge applications using premium class of food grade chemical on all our Malaysian Made products an affordable price.
Highest Quality Comes with Premium Safety
Our products are most highest quality comes with Premium safety to use by infants and pregnant women which met MOH and WHO regulations.
The formulation was engineered by a team of medically qualified researchers who collaborated on its testing. Qtis Nasal spray is designed to create an invisible antiviral medical shield by deactivating any virus and microorganisms while it is still stays in nose cavities and throats, preventing its wider uptake by the body. It is formulated by physical disinfection for sterilization, so there will be no drug resistance, while traditional disinfectants use chemical principles to deactivating microorganisms that are already approved by World-wide regulatory medical bodies and widely used in medical devices, medicines, and food industries.
Long-acting Universal Disinfectant/ Sanitizer Spray that suitable to spray on any surface, including pets and human skin, ensuring that you can live pollution-free all day.
Effervescent Tablets
To facilitate storage and transportation, we make it into effervescent tablets. These tablets are supplied equipped with a sprayer or moisturizer with various capacities. The operation and preparation of this machine is very simple. It can be placed in mosques, suraus, schools, offices, shopping malls, airports, auditoriums, warehouses, complexes, customs and immigration, farms, even buses, cars, trains, airplane cabins, ship cabins, warehouses or air conditioning ducts and many other places.
Anti-epidemic Mask
Qtis supplies various of anti-epidemic masks Model KF94, KN95 with FFP3 standard and KN95 with Respiratory Valves. All our mask products are guaranteed highest quality and used world-class materials. The 4 or 5 layers of the masks provide the best protection against Covid-19 outbreak.
Your Safety, Our Priority
The founders of Qtis are confident that with continued research and close collaboration between us, the daily Covid-19 infection rate can be dramatically reduced. Apart from that, the government can save money on treatment for Covid-19 patients, restore normal life to the people, and improve the economic status of the population.
One Stop Solution Products To Stay Away From Covid.
Qtis is your preferred partner to protect and shield you and your family from being infected by any virus disease especially Covid-19 with protection up to 99.99%.